About TP+ company

TP+ s.r.o. company exists for 20 years and for the main part of its operation deals with development of logistic SW focused on forwarding. Firm develops applications for DHL, DSC, Ceva, PPL and other enterprices from the very beginning of its activity. In the course of time was our SW deployed also in in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary thanks to its flexibility and rich functionality. Other specific modules were implemented for users in listed countries. TP+ company develops also SW for data analysis, web services, data mining, transport route optimization etc. We focused our attention on development of xRays system serving as a community network for parties in supplier-customer relationships in spedition, transport and general business in last three years. Rich experience was gained during this period in the area of comfortable GUI (Silverlight, WPF) and graphical outputs including dynamic views (XAML). The project was supported by CzechInvest agency.

xRays project

Is sponsored by European fund for regional development and also by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic in the framework of the Operational Programme Business and innovation (OPPI).