xRays community system offers services in the provider - customer relationships area and is focused on logistics. It's suitable for everyone who deals with goods transport organization.

To ensure that goods will be in a desired quality and quantity on the right time, in the right place using the lowest cost possible is the main purpose of this process.The speditionhas irreplacable role concerning realization all of these desired tasks.

xRays system provides modules, which allow to do such goods transport organization. It enables to optimize consignment loading in a way which leads to maximum consignment grouping, maximum transport capacity utilization and minimum transport distances.

xRays is general and open community system focused on forwarding, which can be used by interested parties withou necessity to build complex infrastructure. The only requirements are PC with browser including Silverlight module, .Net framework 4.5, internet connectivity and registration. One registration is capable to comprise unlimited number of branches and users of subject being registrated. Concerning charging of the system usage, pls see price list .

Main features

Key features
  • User-definable spedition network.
  • Records and maintenance of needful spedition data.
  • Sharing data with business partners.
  • Detailed map information.
  • Embedded mileage.
  • Automated spedition objects geocoding.
  • Cross-docking of consignments.
  • Transport route optimizer.
  • Tracing of transport units via application for smart phones - geoSnooper.
  • Auction-like entering inquiries for transport and free capacities..
  • User-defined printouts.
  • Rich statistics and reporting.
  • Possibility of printing and scanning QR codes.
  • Lowers transport costs.
  • Saves the cost of acquiring and managing IT (SW + HW) infrastructure.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Online 24/7 access, enabling work anywhere on Net..
  • Internal communication between xRays members - forum, electronic data exchange.
  • Client access for your customers.
  • Acquisition activity included in transport needs and capacities pairing.
Details in the users manual.